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Caught panties down with married man, naked hooker escapes through kitchen window

by Staff Reporter
04 Jan 2020 at 17:05hrs | Views
A NAKED hooker bolted out through a kitchen window, clutching her panties and wig in her hands after she was caught having sex with a married man in a backyard restaurant in the Bulawayo city centre.

The drama filled incident which entertained onlookers for more than three hours occurred last week on Thursday at a building situated at corner Main Street and Robert Mugabe Way.

A fuming Yewukai Maradze (30) shouted that she found her husband Brave Mudawu (35) furiously pumping away at the unidentified hooker without protection at the restaurant she owns.

In a fit of rage, the restaurant owner grabbed her husband's genitals and twisted them.

As he bellowed in pain and collapsed to the ground, onlookers cheered and urged her to mete out more punishment.

"This should be a lesson to you to mend your ways, now that tool of pleasure that was leading you astray is being twisted like a floor mop," shouted a woman with apparent delight at the turn of events.  

Maradze burst into tears as she told B-Metro at the scene how a friend informed her that her husband was performing bedroom gymnastics with a hooker at her restaurant.

"I was at a party of a friend when a friend phoned me and said she saw my husband with a hooker at my work place. I had to rush to this place and caught him red-handed having sex with a short, dark, thin and flat-bottomed hooker," said the teary Maradze.

She added: "My husband had the audacity to take keys to my kitchen and sleep with a prostitute at my place where I cook meals for my customers, this is horrible. I banged on the door and asked my husband to open the door but he refused.  While I was at the door chiwure chake (his prostitute) shot out of the window and ran off naked."

"I have been here for almost three hours asking him to open the door, but he does not want," she said while her visibly drunk husband sheepishly peeped through the window. He was defiantly saying: "Handibudi (I won't come out). You want to embarrass me."

Maradze continued calling on her hubby to man up and face the music.

"Wear your trousers, you loose man and open the door," she dared Mudawu.

She attempted to get into the room through the window, but her husband pushed her back while threatening to beat her up.

This reporter asked Mudawu for a comment through the window and he said: "What do you want to do with that information? Please leave me alone," he said raising his voice.

More drama was yet to unfold as the man bolted out of the door in a boxer short. The angry woman who felt hard done by her husband followed in hot pursuit.

A fight ensued, but the woman was the winner as she grabbed her husband's jewels and twisted them. The man keeled over in agony while trying to free himself from the vice-like grip of his wife. The wife did not let go but applied more pressure resulting in Mudawu passing out as a result of the excruciating pain.

Seething with anger, Maradze wanted to end her life: "It's better I die because I cannot handle this. I have to drink poison."

It took the intervention of the owner of the building, Precious Magwende, to bring the ugly situation under control.

"I don't know why the man had sex with a hooker at his wife's kitchen, maybe it's their ritual to attract customers. We are saddened by such unbecoming behaviour," said Magwende.

Source - B-Metro