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MLF supports Njube High pupils

by Stephen Jakes
21 Jan 2020 at 15:03hrs | Views
Mthwakazi Liberation Front has come out in the open that it fully supports the Njube High School pupils for demonstrating against the deteriorating education system.

Njube students took to the streets on Monday complaining over the increase in fees and non availability of teachers whom they said were away to catch mopane worms since they are poorly paid.

MLF spokesperson Ndabezinhle Funyane said firstly it must be understood that who is this Njube whom this School was named after.

"Njube is one of the princes of King Lobhengula who had and remains to his grave today, with the responsibility to liberate Mthwakazi from the oppressors," he said.

"As MLF, we believe his spirit drove those pupils to take to the streets demanding freedom in education, which can be achieved if the whole Zimbabwe setup is removed. For the first time in the history of the binary Zimbabwe, the children took it upon themselves to set free their country."

He said they commend their spirit and wish they forge ahead with their demands.

"We call upon all other schools around Mthwakazi to join in. Education is a universal right for every child on planet earth and no one should dare deprive them of that right in any manner. It is complete madness by the Emmerson  Mnangagwa regime to hike school fees particular in Mthwakazi knowing that no one of the parents of Mthwakazi children is employed," he said.

"How are they expecting them to pay for their children's education? As MLF, we applaud what these kids did. We are aware that as the Syrian war was started by a 14 yr old school, Mnangagwa's regime will be after some school children who partook in that demonstration. So we call upon all Mthwakazi people to brace for serious push to come should any thing happen to these school children or their teachers."

He said in around mid year last year, eMatojeni Cultural Centre published an article on which iNjelele was purported to have challenged Mthwakazi people to stand up and fight for their independence.

"We believe it is the same spirit that is working on Njube High pupils and it is now a challenge to all Mthwakazi adults to compliment their children. The time is now," he said.

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