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Shoppers influx at supermarkets during lockdown irks council

by Stephen Jakes
08 Jul 2020 at 07:50hrs | Views
The influx of citizens at most shops in the city centre during lockdown has irked the city council which is worried that this would increase the spread of the Covid-19.

This is revealed in the latest council minutes.

"The activities of the EHOs were focused on surveillance and social mobilisation. All operating shops were monitored on use of sanitisers at entry points as well as observation of social distancing amongst customers," reads the minutes.

"The announcement of the level 2 lockdown saw an influx of people into the central business district and many businesses resuming operations. The challenges experienced due to the influx of people were at supermarkets selling goods in foreign currency where social distancing was not observed."

The minutes state that health Education was being done in places that were inspected.

"The termini were also another area where social distancing was not being observed and the transport challenges experienced only compounded the problem. Strengthening of risk communication was done. The monitoring of quarantine facilities housing deportees continued and health matters that arose were attended to," reads the minutes.

"The premises were generally satisfactory. The monitoring was also extended to homes where people who had medical conditions were allowed to self-quarantine at home. There had been no challenges with breach of quarantine conditions."

Source - Byo24News