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Pokello gains 7kg

by Staff reporter
08 Sep 2019 at 07:49hrs | Views
Gorgeous socialite and first lady of Zimbabwe's celebrity society Pokello Nare last week took to social media to announce that she has gained weight and for the first time mentioning that she is worried about it.

The 2011 Big Brother Africa (BBA) housemate is known for a carefree attitude, slaying and ticking all boxes in online beauty contests. Not worry.

"So, I have gained 7kg in the past few months. I didn't think it was this bad till I hopped on a scale last night," she captioned a hot picture on her Instagram account last week.

"I don't even know where to start from, or how to shed it because gym takes so much commitment."

Even after serving more sauce in a skimpy white dress, the self-proclaimed and public-endorsed "queen of swagger" has embarked on a dieting journey to shed off the "excess baggage" that no one among her close to a million Instagram followers seems to notice.

"The first step is cutting all this yummy stuff that honestly is a big part of what I eat daily. When you have never had weight issues, gone through pregnancies and instantly snap back, you become very complacent," she later posted.

However, we are also convinced that she has every reason to up her game now before another beauty nicknamed Luminista usurps her power.

Born Luminitsa Dumbisa Jemwa, the professional sports marketer has been grabbing all the attention in the past weeks not only for her picture-perfect body, but a tender heart as well.

Lumi has been to the dusty streets of Mbare, where she turned heads and left young kids smiling after splashing a few dollars at them. She was also at the official launch of Ginimbi's new Dreams night club where Pokello was nowhere to be found. What a coincidence!

We can only imagine how the presence of the two under one roof would be like, but subtle battle lines have been drawn.

Source - the standard