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Bata Shoe Company finds its feet

by Staff reporter
08 Sep 2019 at 07:53hrs | Views
THE country's biggest shoe manufacturer, Bata Shoe Company's decision to invest in latest technologies has seen it regaining its competitiveness on both the local and export market.

Bata Shoe Company managing director Mr Simon Mutisya said the company has managed to grab a substantial niche market on the local and regional market after investing in machinery as part of its efforts to improve production and quality of its products.

"The company in an endeavor to seek competitive advantage has invested in a DIP (Direct Injection Process) machine, which produces products with more valued features, such as light weight, flexibility, tensile strength, excellent consistency within and between batches. This machine enables the company to produce better quality, thus giving the company a competitive edge in the market. Bata Zimbabwe products are receiving quite excellent liking in the regional market and we have managed to perform well through our sister companies in the region. Our shoes branded "Proudly Made in Zimbabwe" are performing very well in the export market and are well known for their best quality and durability," he said.

Mr Mutisya said the company has over the years introduced new range of products to suit the latest trends on the market.

"Through product differentiation the company has enhanced its customers' responsiveness by providing them with a wide array of products in the market (additional collection of sports, formal and kids shoes). The company has continued to develop unique products to respond to customers' preferences, as opposed to one homogenous good. Continuous improvement on our collection is aimed at introducing paradigm shift from offering shoes that our customers want," he said.

The company is also looking forward to investing about US$400 000 in poly urethane (PU) pouring technology with a capacity to produce up to 120 000 pairs of shoes per shift.

"First half of 2020 we have plans to introduce PU pouring technology, it produces high quality shoes on PU soles. The PU range will play in both local market and regional market. In addition, the company will continue launching new products using existing production technologies regularly as per norm in order to move in line with fashion trends. Our objective is to have new styles in our stores every Friday in line with our global objective of "New Arrivals Every Friday". We also have other projects meant to improve our entire production plant, although these are always ongoing projects," said Mr Mutisya.

Source - sundaynews