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1 killed in fresh SA Afrophobia attacks

by Staff reporter
09 Sep 2019 at 06:30hrs | Views
ONE person has died while five were injured in a fresh wave of xenophobic attacks in Johannesburg's city centre yesterday, as tensions between South Africans and foreigners soared. Attacks were also reported in some parts of Cape Town.

Last week, rioters in and around Johannesburg targeted immigrants from other African countries, torching their shops and leading to at least 10 deaths.

This resulted in a backlash as demonstrators in other countries ransacked stores operated by Shoprite, the telecoms giant MTN and other South African firms, denouncing the xenophobia in South Africa.

Reports from the South African media indicate that the protesters clashed with the police after they took to the streets and demanded that South Africans who were arrested in connection with the xenophobic attacks be released. According to the reports, the rioters insisted that all foreigners should leave South Africa.

Police in Johannesburg yesterday said one person died after being stabbed with a sharp object, while five people were injured and 60 arrested in the fresh xenophobic attacks.

They said they will continue monitoring the situation, with more officers having been deployed in the affected areas. Police also warned people to avoid some areas in the Johannesburg CBD, following the latest attacks against foreigners and foreign-owned businesses.  

Jeppestown was also declared a no-go zone for the rest of the afternoon. A woman who was interviewed on South African television yesterday pleaded with South Africans and called for peace.

"The violent attacks have started. I didn't go to work the whole of last week because of the violence. My daughter is in university and she's supposed to be writing examinations.

"We can't fight back. We've been watching as our fellow brothers and sisters destroyed our properties and injured us since last week. We're all Africans and we're calling for peace," said the unidentified woman.

Zimbabwe Ambassador to South Africa Mr David Hamadziripi on Saturday said one woman died on Monday  last week while many other Zimbabweans were displaced following the xenophobic attacks. South African media also reported the death of the Zimbabwean woman in Hillbrow saying she was shot dead.  

Amb Hamadziripi urged Zimbabweans in the affected areas to be vigilant.

According to a statement from the Municipality of Ekurhuleni, 107 people of which 64 were children, were affected during the attacks. At least 57 people indicated to the municipality that they wanted to return to Zimbabwe while 50 needed assistance with alternative shelter, food, clothing and blankets.  

About 422 Mozambican adults and 122 children were also affected with 397 opting to return home.  The xenophobic violence is escalating despite calls from the South African President Cyril Ramaphosa and other African leaders to stop violence in the neighbouring country.

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