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Mugabe spent only 5 days in Singapore hospital

by City Press
12 Sep 2019 at 20:38hrs | Views
Robert Mugabe's nephew, Patrick Zhuwao, gave details of the days leading up to his uncle's death, stating that he was only hospitalised five days before he passed on.

This contradicts recent media reports which said that Mugabe was in hospital for the duration of his stay in Singapore.

"President Mugabe went to Singapore and he was staying in a rented house in Singapore; he was not in hospital. However, five days before he passed on, he was taken to hospital," he said at the EFF's memorial service which commemorated the fallen statesman.

In his speech, Zhuwao said Mugabe was unable to fulfil his dying wish because of Zimbabwean president Emmerson Mnangagwa.

"He [Mugabe] said and I quote: ‘Zimbabwe is where I lived, Zimbabwe is where I will die' but president Mugabe did not die in Zimbabwe…," Zhuwao said.

Mugabe died last Friday and his remains arrived in Zimbabwe on Wednesday.

Zhuwao as well as former Zimbabwean minister Saviour Kusukuwere were among those who spoke to scores of EFF supporters in Orlando on Thursday.

EFF leader Julius Malema urged Mnangagwa to allow Zhuwao to attend his uncle's funeral.

Zhuwao has been barred from the ceremony, which is due to take place over the weekend.

Malema said the charges laid against Zhuwao were "concocted" and showed that Mnangagwa was "threatened by young people".

"We call upon Mnangagwa and his regime to do the right thing and allow this comrade to go back and bury his own uncle. And if they do not want him, he will come back [and] we will receive him here in South Africa," Malema said during his speech.

He also appealed to Mnangagwa to allow all of Mugabe's supporters, including those who were arrested during the so called "soft coup" in 2017, to be allowed to attend the funeral.

"Why can't Mnangagwa release a statement that says all those who have worked with president Mugabe who are facing this or that charge for the purpose of this funeral you are all welcome," he said.

Zhuwao and Kusukuwere were among those who were expelled from the Zanu-PF for being part of the group who wanted former first lady Grace Mugabe to succeed her husband in 2017.

Zhuwao was minister of public service, labour and social welfare, while Kusukuwere held the position of minister of local government.

Source - City Press