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Xenophobia in Zimbabwe: Zanu-PF and Mugabe

by Moses Mzila Ndlovu
14 Sep 2019 at 19:37hrs | Views
Ever since it was founded, Zanu-PF has persistently propagated a criminal mindset that the people of Matebeleland are foreigners to this country. Its blind membership including Minister Mutodi is  indoctrinated into believing the big lie.

The claim is  based on desperation to legitimise an illegal exclusionary ethnic/tribal agenda which contradicts known and empirically verifiable historical facts that the oldest language groups in Zimbabwe namely the San, the BaTonga people, the BaKalanga (with offshoots in Maswingo and Midlands being captives) the BaNambya, the BaVhenda people are found in Matebeleland. Collectively they are estimated to constitute more than 90% of the Matebeleland population and 50% of Zimbabwe.

The San people, for instance, are known to have lived here for far more than 2000 years. Rock paintings correctly attributable to them are found in and outside Matebeleland. Zanu-PF insists that the Shona people whose name was coined by a white man called Clement Doke less than 150 years ago are more indigenous to this country than anyone else and therefore can decide who lives here and who does not.

Zanu-PF's ideology of creating a monolingual Shona  nation called Zimbabwe since 1980 underpins its divisive policies responsible for tribal inequalities worse than the colonial racial inequalities.

On any scale, human rights abuses where Zanu-PF has been far more cruel to the people of Matebeleland than the colonial regime or wealth distribution where Matebeleland has been excluded from post independence development benefits or culture and identity where zanupf has consistently driven an obnoxiously assimilative agenda by refusing to promote the diverse cultures of Matebeleland in public schools, state media etc.

The sum total affect of these and numerous other forms of marginalisation has been the permanent and irreversible damage to tribal relations  between Matabeleland and Mashonaland and this is what Robert Mugabe must be remembered for.  Our bitter resentment of Mugabe and Zanu-PF and its surrogate MDC is based on these and many other facts.

Mugabes death has without doubt exposed the true colours of many political organisations and individuals clearly deployed within opposition ranks as Zanu-PF surrogates. It is not possible that one in their right mind especially that of a lawyer like Tendai Biti fails to understand a simple concept that one does not have to hate someone in order to love another. Justifiably hating  Gurukuro does not make his mentor Robert Gabriel an Engel. Through death the demonic Mugabe has suddenly transformed into an icon deserving of extravagant glorification from expected MDC corners.

Mugabe wrecked the lives of many, dead, living and unborn. He is the first leader in Southern Africa to wage xenophobic attacks on fellow citizens and no amount of MDC posturing can erase his cruel lagacy. MDC attempts to re-write Mugabe's cruel rule are a brazen sellout! Robert and Emmerson are inseparable political Siamese twins and  only sellouts will want to split hairs firstly about Mugabe having made  'errors like everyone else' eg, killing innocent and unarmed civilians in Matebeleland and secondly that he is a liberation icon. This is a myth (Hgangaladzimu).

If one cannot grasp the singular nature of character they are either helplessly/blissfully ignorant, so intellectually impoverished or they are intelligent politically spineless malcontents grieving the death of a tyrant. The Mugabe family's stolen wealth is estimated to be worth billions.  

Mugabes legacy cannot be separated from Zanu-PF and MDC/Zanu-PF point of convergence is the morally bankrupt ideology of no ideology. More than 90% of people in Zimbabwe are wretchedly poor, the rest being members of obscenely rich corruption syndicates. By shamelessly trying to sanitise Mugabe's legacy the MDC is in fact saying Mugabe's victims must understand they were honoured to be raped by a hero and that those who lost their lives perished at the hands of an icon.

This absurd, disgusting and insensitive political prostitution, coming from people who for twenty years have built themselves political fame from the goodwill of Mugabe's victims who want justice over his criminal abuse of public office by committing gross human rights violations and economic sabotage is shocking.

Mutodi is a graduate of Mugabes primitive school of ideology initiated to advance primitive ways of thinking inconsistent with modern civilization. The school teaches learners to hate other people because they are 'foreigners' through Mugabe's Gukurawundi Decree.

Mutodi's seemingly unguarded and spontaneous but unambiguous xenophobic outbursts reveal a deep seated conviction about Matebeleland being foreign and as usual there being no consequences. Can a nation be foreign to another nation?

Moses Mzila Ndlovu
ANSA Interim Leader

Source - Moses Mzila Ndlovu