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'ZANU PF owned and controlled Mugabe'

by Mandla Ndlovu
16 Sep 2019 at 05:38hrs | Views
Exiled Professor Jonathan Moyo has alleged that ZANU PF owned and controlled the late President Robert Mugabe through owning majority of the property he utilised while he was still alive.

Moyo was adding his voice on a raging debate regarding the ownership of the Blue roof mansion which is reported to be owned by ZANU PF.

 One social media user had said to Prof Moyo, "PJM, when was the blue roof built and why it registered under party name?"

Replied Moyo, "Whatever the answers to your questions, it's clear that ZANU PF controlled "owned" Mugabe by controlling his livelihood or the sources thereof!"

Moyo added that Mugabe was a product of the infamous Mgagao declaration that sought to conflate the party and the state.

"When, as  academics and not politicians, we tell people that Mugabe was a product of a vicious Mgagao system; they jump up and down screaming all sorts of epithets yet the facts are written on the wall. The conflation between party and person is telling!"
ZANU PF is yet to transfer the asserts to the Mugabes.

Source - Byo24News