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MDC-Alliance members urged to 'repent' and join Zanu-PF

by Staff reporter
16 Sep 2019 at 23:54hrs | Views
MDC-Alliance members have been advised to "repent" and join the ruling Zanu-PF which enjoys overwhelming support from the generality of Zimbabweans.

The call was made by the ruling party Women's League national political commissar Mybe Mbowa, who said the revolutionary party was the only party of choice owing to its people-oriented policies.

Addressing thousands of supporters at a star rally to drum up support for the party candidate in the forthcoming Zaka East Parliamentary by-election last week, Clemence Chiduwa, Mbowa said MDC-Alliance leader Mr Nelson Chamisa will never lead Zimbabwe.

Mbowa said the opposition leader was doomed after going to bed with the "enemy" and will never make it to State House. She said Zanu-PF will rule Zimbabwe forever.

"I want to tell Chamisa today that this country will never be run by an opposition," she said. "It is better for the MDC supporters to join the big tent. Zanu-PF will rule forever."

Mbowa said all opposition supporters should wake up and realise that there is future in Zanu-PF rather than be misled by Mr Chamisa.

She said the founder of the MDC, the late Morgan Tsvangirai, tried to fight Zanu-PF, but he later came to the realisation that it was better to join the revolutionary party in the inclusive Government. "Tsvangirai finally came to a realisation that if you can't beat them, join them," she said.

"That is the reason why he joined us in a Government of national unity in 2009. I advise opposition supporters to join the winning team because we have never failed.

"Zimbabwe is for Zanu-PF and opposition supporters will find themselves voting for Zanu-PF when they get into the voting booths. That is how good Zanu-PF is."

Mbowa said austerity measures being implemented by Government should be supported since they will transform the country's economic fortunes.

"Government, under the steward leadership of President Mnangagwa, has instituted macro-economic measures anchored on the austerity for prosperity," she said.

Mbowa said the development by Government is a prerequisite for attaining Vision 2030 by which Zimbabwe is expected to be an upper-middle income economy.

"As team Zanu-PF, we have already started rolling out development programmes targeting to fulfil our manifesto promises," she said.

Mbowa said Government was aware of economic challenges being faced by the country and added that they were a result of sanctions called for by the opposition MDC. Zaka East Constituency has been a Zanu-PF seat since Independence. The seat fell vacant following the death of Kaston Gumbwanda on June 21.

Meanwhile, Zanu-PF provincial political commissar Jevas Masosota has said the ruling party has remained stronger on the ground due to its emphasis on peace, unity and development.

Addressing scores of party supporters at Benzi Business Centre in the constituency over the weekend, he said it was important for them to remain vigilant and unite to ensure a landslide victory on Saturday.

"We are one people, one party, and we must not be divided based on the outcomes of recently held party primary elections," said Masosota.

"The primary elections era is now over and this is the time for us to unite and fight to maintain our position as the party of choice.

"We are calling for unity as we now approach the final lap of the electoral period. Let us go out in our numbers on Saturday to vote for Chiduwa and Zanu-PF."

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