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Ryan Bukevicz helps the Hope Bilingual Academy in Nicaragua during desperate times

by Staff Reporter
17 Sep 2019 at 17:38hrs | Views
The Hope Bilingual Academy (HBA) is a Nicaraguan school that aims to give disadvantaged children the chance to succeed in life. The country of origin, financial situation, or mental and physical capabilities of children should not prevent them from enjoying a bright future. Now thanks to donors like Ryan Bukevicz, the school can purchase necessities to get them through the summer. The school offers free, bilingual, technology-focused education to children from rural areas where illiteracy and poverty are widespread. Children learn how to be decent citizens and are instilled with a sense of self-worth.

A key way that HBA helps local children is by teaching them to speak English, which is vital for success in the modern world. Many people have asked why the school was not set up in an urban location where it would be easier to attract financial support from businesses and more affluent residents. However, Patricia Shronce, who founded HBA, selected the rural location of La Concepcion Masaya because she specifically wanted to help the poorest of children.

Initially, the school was going to target only academically able students. Nonetheless, due to its welcoming atmosphere, it was decided that special needs students and children who have suffered bullying in the past should be enrolled as well. There are virtually no badly behaved children at the school because they all enjoy being there and appreciate the chance they have been given.

The teachers at HBA do not just provide standard lessons. They spend time with the children to make sure that they grasp the subjects and develop as individuals. Consequently, the children become highly proficient in core academic subjects like the sciences, languages, mathematics, and humanities. This level of focus on the basics of education is a prime example of how HBA helps children more than the area's regular public schools.

HBA has attracted many sponsors who have generously donated computers. As a result, the school can now give children the skills they need in the Internet age through courses on computing and technology. Computer literacy helps the children become more employable while also giving them another medium for learning. Many children at HBA come from difficult backgrounds and have specific ways of learning things. Computers give them the chance to interact with educational material in a personalized manner with visual and audio content to stimulate their imagination.

During the last six years, some students at HBA have progressed to further education, and a number of those who have graduated are in good careers, providing financial support to their families. The local culture reinforces traditional gender roles with girls encouraged to take on domestic chores rather than try to broaden their horizons. Still, the school has helped to change social attitudes somewhat so that now people don't think it unrealistic for girls to want to become an engineer, doctor, lawyer, entrepreneur, etc. Indeed, HBA has not just made people ambitious, but it has shown it can be done with its past students.

Aside from the normal curriculum featured in schools across Nicaragua, HBA also offers lessons in cooking, carpentry, music (particularly when American music teachers volunteer to visit), farming, botany, swimming, and gardening. Furthermore, the children frequently get the chance to enjoy some after-school activities such as baseball and soccer, which are Nicaragua's national sports.

At the Hope Bilingual Academy Nicaragua, help is welcome. There are several ways, such as volunteering, to assist HBA in transforming the lives of local children. However, the best method is to sponsor a child for twelve months. For just $180, you can cover the cost of everything a child needs for an entire academic year, including uniform, tuition, stationery, and educational materials. For more information, visit Step up and help out those who need it the most during these difficult times.

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