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Mthuli Ncube a disappointed man

by Nothisa Dube
18 Sep 2019 at 15:34hrs | Views
If the minister of finance was serious about his 2 percent transaction tax (si205), he was supposed to have approached  the Parliament, to gazette a bill in respect of that.

We can not have a situation where someone sleeps  and dreams about 2% transaction over night, the next morning is implementing it in a Public office.
He should know that he is leading the most powerful office therefore he must be careful when dealing with suffering people's finances.
As above 80%  of Zimbabwe population is poor, therefore they need government protection.

Mr Ncube sir, I would like to let you know that situation is bad out of your office. Kindly go back to the drawing board and find other measures to help the government and people.

Lastly thanks to Mr Biti for helping us by winning the case at court.

Source - Nothisa Dube