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Man, small house clash over lovers

by Staff reporter
21 Sep 2019 at 07:20hrs | Views
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

A BITTER man is at loggerheads with his small house after catching her with a new lover following her discovery that he is lawfully married to another woman and has a family in Kwekwe.

Portia Mashanguyo is alleged to have cheated on her baby-daddy, Aleck Nyemba as revenge on him for not telling her that he had been married all along, in the course of their five-year-long relationship.

The pair have a three-year-old child.

In an interview with The Weekender, Nyemba, accused Mashanguyo of Dangamvura in Mutare, whom he claimed to be his wife, for cheating on him and catching her red-handed with another man.

"She has been having an affair with a man named Collins and at one time I even talked to him on her phone. On this occasion, she came home late at around 10pm, and I told her to go back to where she had been the whole day and that is when she came back with this Collin purporting that he was a police officer," explained Nyemba.

He further explained that he caught the pair the following day again at his house and that is when he confronted Mashanguyo, who confessed that they were lovers.

Mashanguyo however, in an interview later revealed that she was only Nyemba's small house and that they were never married. She also accused Nyemba of failing to welcome the bad news that she was done with him since she had found out that he was legally married and had other extra-marital lovers in various cities in the country.

"We were only playing around, that man and I were never married. It is common, isn't it? That you meet someone, he gets you pregnant and you later realize that he has been married all along. I am a single mother and I do not know why he would want to claim me as his wife.

"My parents have never even met him like he is alleging. In fact, we were not even co-habiting, he was not my live-in boyfriend. He stays in another city and makes visits from time to time," said Mashanguyo.

She said that she dumped him and refused to marry him when she realised that he was lawfully married because she did not want to be in a polygamous relationship.

She also accused him of having a lover in every city.

Nyemba claimed that their ‘marriage' had started to go down the drain long back as Mashanguyo was always spending more time on her phone .

"She is my wife, we have been married for five years and we even have a three year old child together. It's just that I stay in Harare at work while she stays in Mutare with our child. I begged her to come and stay in Harare but she refused," claimed Nyemba.

"I only discovered that the said Collins was not a police officer when I saw him the following day with my wife at my home and he ran away when he saw me. I went to the police station and they told me that he was not a cop and that the two were just playing me," narrated the heartbroken Nyemba.

Nyemba's wife who was only identified as Mai Rejoice confirmed that she was his lawfully wedded wife and Mashanguyo was only his small house.

"She could not stand it when she found out that he had other lovers, that is why she no longer wants him. Sometime ago I called her to tell her that I was his wife but she threatened me and forced me to accept her as his lover," said Mai Rejoice.

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