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Groans sell out mubobobo man

by Staff reporter
27 Oct 2019 at 09:43hrs | Views
It was the ultimate mubobobo sex shame!

A mubobobo man got a thorough hiding at a local hospital on Friday last week after his groans sold him out while having "sex" with an unsuspecting woman through his magical powers which work in a bluetooth-like manner.

The bruised man, whose identity could not be established and whose world crashed around him when his secretive sexual exploits were busted, had to make good his escape to avoid further beatings.

It is reported that the shocking moment which also baffled witnesses and workers at the referral health institution, was discovered after the man started groaning while facially expressing excitement synonymous with that of a person engaging in sex.

And in the process, he was also reportedly glued to his victim who was sitting directly in front of him.

The victim, according to a witness, was also complaining of having some unusual funny feeling in her private parts.

A witness said she "couldn't believe her ears" when she heard the man making funny noises made by randy couples during sex.

A witness told B-Metro: "We were sitting on a bench under a shed when the man who was behind us started making some funny noises and exhibiting an expression synonymous with that of a person engaging in sex.

"I was really shocked, when I discovered that he was in fact indecently assaulting a woman who was sitting next to me," said a witness who identified herself as Ms Mlilo.

She said in the process the man's eyes were glued to his victim.

She added: "When people who were in the shed discovered that the man was using mubobobo on the woman, they started shouting saying he deserved to be beaten.

"After the shouts people started descending on him and ruthlessly attacked him. He later ran away as the marauding people bayed for his blood."

After the incident, the victim, a middle-aged woman, apparently after coming out of her trance-like state reportedly told the people who had gathered that she felt some unusual funny feelings in her private parts the time the man was indecently assaulting her magically.

The matter was not reported to police but a security guard who requested anonymity, however, confirmed it saying he heard it from his colleague who was on duty on the day in question.

"I was not on duty on the day in question but I heard the story from one of my colleagues who said the person who was assaulted was also trying to steal from the women," he said.

Mubobobo is a type of magic where a man uses charms to perform a sexual act on an unsuspecting woman.

Often, victims can feel themselves being violated, and even get to briefly enjoy the encounter, before coming out of the spell and regaining control.

Several cases of mubobobo have been reported in the past and it is hard for police and victims to prove the claims beyond reasonable doubt.

Source - bmetro