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Zhuwao takes Matemadanda head on

by Mandla Ndlovu
07 Nov 2019 at 05:49hrs | Views
Former ZANU PF Youth leader Jason Zhuwao has warned National Political Commissar Victor Matemadanda from making promises of mobilising 5 million voters for ZANU PF by 2023 elections.

Matemadanda told graduating DCCs who went through a symposium at Herbert Chitepo School of Ideology that "We have a mobilisation strategy as a party for mobilisation of 5 million member supporters by 2023 so do not bring excuses but work towards making sure that the target is reached."

Said Zhuwao, "Cde matemadanda needs to be real and not sell the party a dummy. How can he target members that aren't even born, or those obtaining the legal age. Zanu PF Harare Province is poorly structured because young people face a bleak future due to joblessness and disempowerment. Presenting cell sheets of Ghost members to Politiburo is just Tom foolery. You are busy selling "ideals of the liberation struggle for freedom" to a 15 year old boy aspiring to be a rapper. We have become leaders no one is following."

Zhuwao urged ZANU PF to firstly understand the challenges that young people are going through.

"Let us first understand our young people's struggles before imposing history on a generation that cares less about the fight for freedom. redistrubute the land to benefit young people, allocate command agriculture resources for them to farm and they will resonate with IDEALS."

On Wednesday, Matemadanda said the party has a mobilisation strategy which the DCCs should work towards achieving.

"We are now sending you to go and mobilise masses and ensure that people are well aware of the party's ideas, we are now sending you to mobilise those people that were traditionally perceived to be people we cannot work with."

Source - Byo24News