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MDC to release audited financial statements

by Mandla Ndlovu
13 Nov 2019 at 04:26hrs | Views
The opposition Movement for Democratic Change has announced that the party will be publishing audited financial statements in 2020.

In a statement on Tuesday the Secretary General Charlton Hwende said, "Last Friday public auditors started going through our books we are committed to producing the first audited statement by a political party in Zimbabwe by February 2020. It's our promise to the people of Zimbabwe."

Hwended further encouraged the citizens of Zimbabwe to fund the opposition party because ZANU PF was being funded by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.

"The successful execution of the Zimbabwean Democratic Struggle needs money. Democracy is expensive. We must criticize and also fund the struggle ZANU PF has the RBZ printing press and MDC has the people but the people must fund the struggle."

ZANU PF's information mouthpiece ZANU PF Patriots said MDC was not getting funding because it failed to account for the little money that was being donated to it by the people.

"ZANU PF supporters do not only make noise, we fund our party and our party account for every cent we contribute. MDC supporters make too much noise but never contribute, worse the party never account for the little it receives from its stingy supporters."

It is a crime in Zimbabwe for political parties to get external funding and parties that are represented in parliament with a significance percentage are funded under the Political Finances Act.

Source - Byo24News