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Mthuli Ncube under fire over forex

by Mandla Ndlovu
23 Nov 2019 at 20:44hrs | Views
The Ministry of Finance has come under fire over its policy that it will be impounding forex from Zimbabweans entering the country without declaring a formal source of the money.

The Deputy Minister of Finance Clemence Chiduwa told the media on Friday that if citizens enter the country without declaring their formal source of forex the state will impound the money.

Commenting on the proposed policy self-styled communications strategist William Gerald Mutumanje said, "I've listened to stupid things before, but this bafoon has redefined it for me today. Mugabe was surrounded by criminals, ED is starting to be surrounded by idiots."

South African based political analyst Kelvin Mazhandu said the government was targeting Zimbabweans who will be coming to the country for festive season.

"This silly policy that is being proposed by the Minister of Finance is a way of fleecing unsuspecting citizens of their hard earned cash," Mazhandu said. "This government is taking people for granted. How does it want to reap where it did not sow? If people want to change their forex within the country they can and if they do not want no one must force them. We must not allow a situation where a government runs rogue and fails to respect property rights. Money is property because the person who worked for it deserves it. I want to direct the message straight to Mthuli Ncube and his people and tell him that this nonsense must stop!"

Zimbabwe recently outlawed the use of foreign currency as legal tender.

Source - Byo24News