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Paul Siwela urged to come and bury his guaranteed

by Mandla Ndlovu
26 Nov 2019 at 07:23hrs | Views
Zimbabwe Electoral Commissioner Dr Qhubani Moyo has urged the leader of Mthwakazi Liberation Organisation Paul Siwela to come home and bury his late father King Siwela who passed away on Monday.

Moyo made the call while sending his condolence message to the Siwela family. Paul Siwela fled Zimabwbe after he was charged with treason together with John Gazi and Charles Thomas.

Said Dr Moyo, "I encourage Paul Siwela to come home and bury his father. I don't think his life is in danger at all. I am sure his safety is guaranteed. His co accused in the case that made him leave the country Mr Thomas was acquitted on the charges that they were jointly facing unless if there is something that is deep that we don't know."

Mthwakazi activist George Mkhwananzi said the 90-year-old  King Siwela, passed on Monday morning in Bulawayo and is survived by four children; a son and three daughters as well as several grandchildren.

"When his mother passed on in 2016, Paul Siwela was unable to return home to bury her as the murderous Robert Mugabe regime was eagerly waiting to pounce on him and end his life. Today, under Emmerson Mnangangwa's government, Paul Siwela's safety in Zimbabwe still remains unguarantered as Mnangangwa, the then Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, incarcerated Siwela for a further 90 days when his co accused had been released on bail.

"Mnangangwa personally refused to grant Siwela bail until he was forced to make a written undertaking that he would not wage a struggle for justice against the evil Zanu PF regime. Even after release, the State agents placed his house under surveillance and continued to issue threats of assassination to him. Mr Siwela (57) was compelled to leave the country in 2013 but has promised to secure Matabeleland's independence from Zimbabwe within his life time." Mkhwananzi added.

Source - Byo24News