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Mugabe wanted to fire Jonathan Moyo in June 2014

by Mandla Ndlovu
04 Dec 2019 at 04:28hrs | Views
Professor Jonathan Moyo has revealed that the late President Robert Mugabe almost fired him from office in June 2014.

Speaking about his frosty relationship with the former Deputy President Joice Mujuru, Moyo said, "President Mugabe was preparing to fire me based on the allegations made in June 2014 by Mujuru, Mutasa and Bonyongwe. The scurrilous allegations were terribly false and politically malicious!"

Moyo further clarified his earlier statement concerning the assistance he got from General Chiwenga during the time.

"I did not say the General rescued me from former first lady (Grace Mugabe). Comprehension is important . I was asked if former first lady rescued me when I was under attack from Joice Mujuru, leading to my being labelled as the devil incarnate, and I said no, I was rescued by General Chiwenga!"

Turning to the appointment of Patrick Zhuwao as Minister, Professor Moyo, "What I can say on this is that after President Mugabe appointed Patrick Zhuwao minister in 2015, he told Patrick to thank me. The reason was specific and Patrick came to thank me!"

Prof. Moyo recently narrated his ordeal at the hands of Joice Mujuru during an interview with Newsday.

"First, it was about Joice Mujuru, she just did not want to see me back in government. Saviour Kasukuwere took me to her office ahead of the 2013 elections and she did not want to hear about me. She was actually, palpably pissed off to see me in her office.

"When I was appointed minister of Information in 2013, she could not believe it. She resisted our ministry's efforts to reform ZBC and did not want to hear about salarygate. She attacked me in Chinhoyi, calling salarygate a CIA conspiracy to destroy Zanu PF from within. But the worst is when she got President Mugabe to call me the devil incarnate at Nathan Shamuyarira's funeral in June 2014. That was hell on earth." Moyo said.

Source - Byo24News