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Zimbabwe still has investment opportunities

by Staff reporter
04 Dec 2019 at 09:23hrs | Views
ZIMBABWE still has investment opportunities despite facing economic hardships, Takura Capital Partners investment executive, Tafadzwa Nyamayi has said.

Takura Capital is an investment holding company that has financed several local companies including Lobels, Food Lovers and Lack Harvest.

Speaking at an Ernst and Young (EY) business accelerator programme in Harare yesterday, Nyamayi said Takura Capital believes that investment opportunities are always there even when a country is in turmoil, but these would differ in each operating environment.

"Even in turbulent times, there are always opportunities, so our view is that we are in situ and, therefore, whatever the environment, there is always an investment thesis that we make money. Across the board in terms of the investments that we have made, in different times, situations are different from 2013, the economic environment has changed, but we believe there were opportunities and there are opportunities," he said.

"So, our first investments are probably different from our investments now, because the environment has changed. In 2013, it was one of the good years, consumer spending was going up, and, therefore, one could say let's look at the companies that are tapping into that recovery and expanding their consumer base, things changed thereafter, now foreign currency is key so there are opportunities to invest in businesses that are either exporting or have got potential to export and then earn foreign currency."

Zimbabwe has been facing a number of economic challenges, which include foreign currency, water, power and fuel shortages.

This has rendered the operating environment difficult for businesses, hence making it hard for companies to get investments.

Worsening matters is an increase in alleged State-sanctioned acts of violence that continues to increase the risk profile of the country for foreign investors wishing to invest.

Source - newsday