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Reforms must not only be on Govt officials lips, but must be seen to be done

by Stephen Jakes
05 Dec 2019 at 09:24hrs | Views
Political analyst and journalism academic Pedzisai Ruhanya has warned that the government must not only speak about the reforms needed for the nation to move forward but must be seen implementing the reforms as a matter of urgency.

This was after Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information Media and Broadcasting Services Nick Mangwana claimed that the reforms were being done slowly but sure.

"Which reforms Nick Mangwana? Reforms cannot just appear on the lips of gov officials but in the changes in the livid circumstances of citizens. The gov has remained authoritarian, passed laws such as MOPA for authoritarian consolidation, its police violate civil liberties," Ruhanya said.

Mangwana had said "Slower than we had promised and slower than we had hoped for, these reforms are nevertheless progressing steadily. A year is not a long time to effect the scale of reform to which we have committed ourselves. Forcing the depth and pace of such reform.."

Source - Stephen Jakes