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Hunger lashes Zimbabwe soldiers, police

by Staff reporter
06 Dec 2019 at 07:29hrs | Views
A PARLIAMENTARY committee has raised grave concerns about the deteriorating environment in which the country's military and police are having to operate because of funding shortages, the Daily News reports.

So bad has the situation become that it is now said to be threatening peace and security in the country  as demoralised soldiers and police are forced to survive on seriously inadequate food and uniform rations, as well as insufficient equipment and facilities due to Zimbabwe's worsening economic rot.

The committee, led by Levi Mayihlome, has warned that things are falling apart to the extent of exposing the country's national security to serious threats.

"Rations are a mandatory requirement, but currently each soldier in Zimbabwe is feeding on nine rations instead of the ideal 15 ration items per day.

"The nine ration items per soldier per day translate to $54,98 per soldier per day. A paltry $103,17 million was allocated for this item, it is far below the minimum requirement.

"It means that each soldier will survive on 39 cents per day, yet each meal is currently selling at an average price of $30.

"This implies that the soldiers are exposed to intolerable hunger which affects training and skills development programmes. It compromises the soldiers' discipline," the committee warned.

It said pointedly that the same challenges were facing the police.

Source - dailynews