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Zacc probes Reigate suburb stands scandal

by Stephen Jakes
20 Dec 2019 at 09:27hrs | Views
A Concerned citizen has written a letter to the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission asking it to probe the Reigate suburb scandal in the servicing of the stands.

"I write to invite you to investigate how Reigate suburb, which is a new suburb in Bulawayo, managed by a committee and Ministry of public works is being run," wrote a resident.

"I am a resident there and we have been told that our contributions to the committee for servicing of stands resulted in a shoddy company being awarded tender and 90% of their work has been condemned resulting in no connection and yet we are staying on site, approximately 150 households."

The resident mentioned a cocktail of key things to be noted.

"The engineer, a Masocha, who was given a stand has since abandoned the project and yet he is one of the people who messed up, influencing the awarding of tender to his cronies who then did a shoddy job," the resident wrote.

"He was responsible for supervising them, as the technical person but paid a blind eye until they finished, and yet he was being paid from contribution. The committee combined stands and awarded themselves large stands, did not contribute like everyone else to servicing, instead they would pay each other sitting allowances from other residents' contributions."

The resident said Umguza RDC refuses to hand over the project to Bulawayo city yet they are not in capacity to provide water and sewer.

He said this has resulted in a stand off between Bulawayo city and Umguza with us residents suffering in the process.

"Our sincere request is to investigate how Umguza and Ministry of Public works has administered this project for a way forward. Inspections were done and approved at all stages of the servicing process, only to have 90% of it condemned at the end. 150 families are at risk of diarrhea diseases and have been robbed of hard earned money."

He said the committee members are now selling their stands and running away, and ministry of public works officials in Bulawayo are allowing this.

ZACC spokesperson John Makamure could not confirm receiving the letter recently indicating that the commission receives a lot of reports which makes them take time to locate such reports in case of inquiry.

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Source - Stephen Jakes