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George Charamba; A very desperate man - MLF

by MLF
23 Dec 2019 at 07:55hrs | Views
It is very painful to note how desperate the Zimbabwean Presidential Spokesperson, George Charamba has become. Charamba's lies about the historic relations of Mthwakazi and Zimbabwe are a true reflection of the real fear the Regime has over Mthwakazi independence.

He has even forgotten that they had been telling false stories of Mbuya Nehanda and Sekuru Kaguvi who never existed as the people who championed the war against the White settlers in the 1890s. Charamba thinks Mthwakazi is not aware that his lies are only an attempt to seal the gap that they (Shonas) created between Mthwakazi and Zimbabwe. Unfortunately not even the unborn Mthwakazi can buy into his tales.

Yesterday, 22 December 2019, marked a historic coming together of Mthwakazi people and organisations, at the Stanley Hall, in commemoration of the Gukurahundi an act that was initiated deliberately by Shona people. Contrary to what they (Shonas) say about the gatherig, the gathering had nothing to do with the so called Unity Accord but everything with the pursuit for justice of the Gukurahundi massacres. In a packed to rafters hall, no Shona was seen. I wonder if Charamba and his fellow Shonas who say the gathering was a commemoration of the Unity Accord can explain why Shonas did not attend?

Had that part of history had ever happened in the binary Zimbabwe, I don't think Charamba, Mugabe, Mnangagwa and 97 other ZANU of Central Committee who set in the meeting that mooted and ordered the Mthwakazi Genocide would have had guts to do so. It should have also rang in the mind of President Mnangagwa when he called Mthwakazi bedbugs that needed DDTwhich was followed by the instant cold blood killing of  69 innocent Mthwakazi young people. Where was the Spirit that was shown during the quoted war against Colonialism and Imperialism when Mugabe called Nkomo "dissident father"?

No, Cde Charamba, No, stop your lies. That cannot save your Zimbabwe from falling.
As MLF, we remind you and all you dine with, that Mthwakazi  has never forgotten her origin, her history of wars against oppression and subjugation. The time is drawing nearer each day when Mthwakazi will prove to you that all your lies never found a place in their minds and it will be very much interesting to how our persecutors end. That, Charamba you need to keep forever in your empty head.

Source - MLF

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