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ZRP warns corrupt cops

by Staff reporter
23 Dec 2019 at 15:41hrs | Views
The Zimbabwe Republic Police has warned police officers against demanding bribes from the public, insisting that those found on the wrong side of the law would be prosecuted.

In his Christmas message delivered on Friday, the Officer Commanding Harare Province, Commissioner Bernard Dumbura said policing without co-operation from the public was meaningless and so they have to get their support.

"Let me reiterate that police does not condone any form of corruption. Help us, therefore, to weed out all forms of corruption. Report any corrupt officers that you come across. Also remember that it is said, it takes two to tango.

"Therefore, resist the temptation of giving police officers bribes because bribery is a crime that spares neither the giver nor the receiver. Remember, our services are transparent, above board and free of charge. Anything less or more to that should deservingly be questioned and/or disregarded," he said.

Comm Dumbura said police would be out in full force to protect the public and property during this festive season.

"Illegal beer outlet operators, pick pocketers, thugs and mushikashika teams, be warned. Police will arrest you and execute their duty without fear or favour.

"Public safety and security is the heart of our policing. Our mission is to ensure that you enjoy your holiday peacefully without the fear of crime," Comm Dumbura said.

"You must be reminded or informed that criminal activities tend to increase now compared to other periods due to the hive of activities characterising festive periods. The joyful but somewhat relaxed and carefree mood of the moment is the breeding ground for crime. Let your celebratory mood be compounded with a measure of alertness, self-control and security-consciousness."

Comm Dumbura said most troublesome in this period were unlawful entry and theft cases which are known as housebreaking and thefts since people normally leave their houses unattended. He urged people to put up security measures to curb such criminal activities.

"We urge you to be wary of robbery cases. Robbers may take advantage of the current situations to pounce on unsuspecting travellers and the general public. Do not move around with large sums of money. Hiking transport at undesignated pick up points also puts you in danger of being attacked by robbers.

"Be alert and vigilant. Memorise police telephone numbers and hotlines and contact police as soon as you come across any suspicious criminal activities," he said. He said road carnage was also another cause of concern during this period.

"There will be police roadblocks and increased traffic enforcements to arrest violators of regulations and impound all unroadworthy vehicles. There are no kind of words for those who choose to be on the wrong side of the law," Comm Dumbura said.

He urged the public to form neighbourhood watch scheme in their communities and start patrols.

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Source - the herald