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Police raid MDC party HQ

by Staff reporter
18 Jan 2020 at 05:45hrs | Views
The MDC said Zimbabwe had become a "fascist state" on Friday after over a hundred police officers stormed the party's headquarters in central Harare, ostensibly to look for "subversive materials".

The police action came days after police blocked MDC leader Nelson Chamisa from delivering a speech in Mbare, where he was due to deliver what his party described as a "Agenda 2020".

"This is shameless, pathetic and patently unlawful," Chamisa's deputy, Tendai Biti said on Twitter. "Under Emmerson Mnangagwa, this has truly become a fascist state."

Chamisa on Wednesday said he would now deliver his vision for Zimbabwe on January 21, "come what may", in a strong message to President Mnangagwa's regime which stopped him from delivering the speech on January 15.

Chamisa said police had "found nothing except the resolve for change."

David Coltart, the party's treasurer general, described the raid as "utterly pathetic", adding: "Of course they found nothing."

Police came armed with a search warrant entitling them to search for "machetes and any subversive materials."

The warrant said police had "reasonable suspicion" that the MDC was in possession of dangerous weapons "in preparation to commit public violence" and "criminal use".

"Seven trucks with over 400 armed riot police details… besieged the MDC party HQ to search for weapons of war. They are searching all offices and corridors. They will find nothing except the resolve for change," Chamisa tweeted.

"You cannot stop the winds of change whose time has come. Freedom is coming," he added.

On Wednesday, Chamisa said "enough is enough," referring to the cancellation of their even a day earlier.

"We've exhausted all channels," he said. "We can't continue to be victims of unjust application of the law. Rights are for all. On Tuesday, 21st January, we will deliver the people's Agenda 2020 to the nation come what may."

Police claimed they did not have sufficient manpower as officers were busy with the new school term opening as a reason to block the MDC meeting.

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