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'Mnangagwa plotting a genocide using Mashurugwi gangs'

by Mandla Ndlovu
20 Jan 2020 at 10:14hrs | Views
President Emmerson Mnangagwa is planning a genocide under the guise of crushing the rogue Mashurugwi gang political analyst Dr Dinizulu Macaphulana has said.

Mashurugwi gangs have been wreaking havoc all over the country with accusations that they are killing and injuring citizens especially in mining areas.

Said Macaphulana, "The Mashurugwi have murdered a number of people including a police officer, already. That means the ghastly fact that unarmed civilians are at the mercy of a violent and armed group that enjoys the protection, control and denialism of the State.

Even children in Zimbabwe know that Emmerson Mnangagwa is the owner and godfather of the Mashurugwi. It is strange that the usually trigger-happy police and stealth CIO become impotent when it comes to this Machete outfit. What is called plausible denialability in Intelligence parlance is what Mnangagwa is using to pretend to know nothing about the Mashurugwi and to have no power over them."

Macaphulana  added that Mnangagwa seeks to use the Mashurugwi saga to effect a Gukurahundi-like genocide towards the 2023 elections.

"The Gukurahundi Genocide began exactly like this. Mnangagwa is practiced in dark forces. Thinking and brave Zimbabweans should call him out before tragedy. No one is safe under this climate of terror and fear."

Read Macaphulana's full text below:

The thinking world and the brave society must once and for all attend to this danger. The Mashurugwi are evidently a political design. They are part of Emmerson Mnangagwa's 2023 political survival strategy. Soon we will be told that the group is armed, dangerous and the police cannot contain them so the army will be deployed under a State of Emergency. The army, as in Gukurahundi, will go around accusing individuals and communities of habouring Mashurugwi. People will be killed in the extents of massacres and atrocities. Opposition politicians will be detained accused of sponsoring the terrorists. Curfews will be put in place and the 2023 elections will be held under a climate of fear and terror. G40 will be blamed and voters will be beaten and coerced.

Mnangagwa cannot live without dissidents. If they do not exist he will create them so that he can pretend to be hunting them down when he is targeting political opponents. That is true old fashioned North Korean and Chinese political gamesmanship that is the only thing that Mnangagwa knows. The Chinese and the North Koreans no longer do that but he clings to the method as the only big idea he has. He is a monomaniac.

His present enemies that he fears the most are : The General whose domestic problems have been covertly engineered by spooks, Grace Mugabe and the so-called G40, the MDC-A and the population of Zimbabwe that would not freely vote the man.

Left alone and not checked, Mnangagwa will commit another genocide. The brave and the thinking world should stop him before lives are lost in mass. It is a fallacy that there are marauding Machete wielding young people that are deploying themselves and causing a state of insecurity. They are deployed as part of state insecurity apparatus run by the Commander in Chief of the Zimbabwe Defense Forces with the aid of the Military Intelligence and Civilian Intelligence. As usual it is a primitive and barbaric political strategy.

Source - Byo24News