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Former legislator accused govt of being inactive in dealing with economic crisis

by Stephen Jakes
20 Jan 2020 at 14:12hrs | Views
Former Bulilima West legislator Norman Mpofu has accused government of being inactive in dealing with economic crisis which has impoverished the majority of citizens.

The country is currently rocked by serious economic crisis which has seen the local currency losing value at the same time basic goods prices have escalated to affordably for the majority poor.
"The greatest problem with this government is that of doing nothing until things get into a crisis. I am made to understand a Mealie meal tracker system is now put in  place to monitor subsidised mealie meal," he said.

"This is not going to work because the majority of businesses that have access to this subsidised mealie meal  are owned by Zanu PF members. Monitors are Zanu PF. To expect a result is like expecting a baby from a homosexual couple."

Mpofu said it is very difficult to enforce the law in Zimbabwe because Zimbabwean criminals are smart.

"Before committing a crime just join Zanu PF then you are immune to law. Police officers are afraid of Zanu PF members. All Zanu PF officials are refereed to as shef what ever it means. A shef is above the law."

Mpofu said it is these shefs who have access to this cheap mealie meal and are enriching themselves at the expense of the poor who are the targets of the

"At Gain cash n carry in Plumtree you are forced to buy 2 cases of Mirinda a Pepsi drink before you buy 10x10kgs of mealie meal. This conditional selling has been reported to Plumtree Officer In Charge but the crime goes on," he said.

"Plumtree Save More shop at Dingumuzi has large quantities of this subsidised mealie meal but the poor can not afford it. A 10 kgs is selling at $70 and to make it worse its strictly cash. Thus a clear violation of the law. Other goods at save more you can swipe not this mealie meal from government. What an irony."

"Where do people get cash from when banks don't have. Just another puff of hot air from the government. Criminals laugh all the way to the bank."

Source - Byo24News