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Zimbabwe faces serious political instability'

by Staff reporter
21 Jan 2020 at 18:45hrs | Views
ZIMBABWE is highly likely to face serious political instability due to failure by the government to address challenges being faced by its people, a respected South African-based think tank has said.

The Oxford-linked NKC African Economics (NKC), in its latest research instalment on Zimbabwe, said 2020 would not  be a happy year for Zimbabwe, with a general consensus that the economic situation was likely to worsen.

"The key concerns that flow from that are the increased potential for instability and a continuing socio-economic decline that brings intensified challenges for the entire region - specifically neighbours South Africa and Botswana.

"Nor is there any prospect of a quick fix or even a medium-term improvement.

"It remains difficult to see how 2020 could be anything other than extremely testing for the government, the people, business, and investment amid realistic projections of recovery that could well exceed two decades.

"Even then, recovery depends on transformation at several levels, including the political, security establishment, and economic renewal with little progress on any to date.

"Given the gloomy prognosis for recovery and the wide-ranging concerns over fundamental challenges in the coming year, some measure of political unrest appears inevitable and the reaction of the security establishment critical to overall stability," said NKC.

This comes as tension is rising in the country, with the opposition and workers vowing to defy the government after it stated that it would ban anti-government protests.

Deputy Information minister Energy Mutodi said the government is ready to thwart any form of protest.

"Police will use maximum strength in dealing with whoever intends to cause disorder and disturb the peaceful environment that we so dearly created for the good of our country.

"The law stipulates that police must be informed of any intention to hold a demonstration.  

"Government is fully aware that the MDC wants to see chaos prevailing in the country so that it becomes ungovernable.

"They are desperate to maintain political relevance among their supporters, having lied to them that they would overthrow the government before the end of last year.

"We will not tolerate anarchy and as such the shoot-to-kill policy that we have authorised against rogue machete wielding miners will apply to those who participate in violent and unlawful demonstrations," Mutodi warned.

Source - dailynews