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Mugabe chooses national flag

by Staff reporter
27 Jan 2020 at 06:46hrs | Views
The Herald, 27 March, 1980

THE design of the new national flag features a gold Zimbabwe bird on a red five-pointed star.

The Zimbabwe bird, superimposed on the star, is situated on a white triangle at the hoist of the flag. The field of the flag consists of seven horizontal stripes of equal size.

The colour sequence from top to bottom is green, gold, red, black, gold and green.

The white triangle is separated from the coloured panels by a thin black line.

The design was approved by the Prime Minister, Mr Mugabe, yesterday afternoon, subject to two changes, a Cabinet official, Mr Chris Broadbent said.

The Zimbabwe Bird and star are to be larger, and the second panel will be in the same gold as the bird.

Manufacturing of the flag will probably start today.

The flag was designed by the committee for Independence celebrations, but no one from the committee was available yesterday to explain the significance of the colours.

Mr Broadbent said manufacturing of the flag would have to start immediately because of the work involved in its making - each of the seven panels is stitched separately. Thousands of flags will be needed for Independence Day on April 18.


Flags are national symbols that are key to national identity.

Zimbabwe's national flag that replaced the Union Jack was unveiled 24 days before April 18, 1980. It was the fifth since colonisation and is protected by an Act of Parliament. The other four flags were introduced in 1923, 1968 and 1979, respectively.

A Flag Committee headed by national hero Richard Hove was behind the design, although the artistic designer is yet to be known. However, black, red, yellow and green have always been the colours of the ruling Zanu-PF party even during the liberation struggle.

The Zimbabwe flag has its own story, and its colours symbolically communicate the nation's history, culture and hope for the future as a united people.

Meaning of colours: the black band represents black majority rule; red bands are symbolic of the blood spilled during the liberation struggle; yellow bands signify the country's mineral wealth; green bands are representative of the country's agriculture and vegetation.

The white triangle that signifies peace also contains the Zimbabwe Bird - the national emblem. The red five-point star symbolises hope for the future. The themes on the Flag colours are replicated on the coat of arms.

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Source - the herald