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Chamisa admits failure

by Staff reportert
14 Feb 2020 at 06:03hrs | Views
MDC Alliance president Mr Nelson Chamisa has blamed his party's dismal performance in the 2018 elections on shambolic preparations and the imposition of candidates.

Speaking at the Bulawayo Press Club on Tuesday evening, Mr Chamisa said his party lost the elections by its "own commissions and omissions."

MDC Alliance lost to the ruling Zanu-PF which garnered more than two thirds majority in Parliament while Mr Chamisa was also defeated by President Mnangagwa in the presidential poll.

Mr Chamisa said the party has power hungry individuals who cling onto positions resulting in the MDC Alliance fielding double candidates.  

"We had 32 constituencies where we had double candidates. I can tell you that in those constituencies our combined vote is actually more than Zanu-PF. So, you are right, we had problems and we are correcting those problems. They are problems that are to do with a party that is too small. They are also problems that come with size," he said.  

"The party has grown bigger than the capacities of most of its leaders. So, we are building the capacity of our leadership at various levels to manage this party, it's a mass party. It's an institution. Managing them is something that requires capacity building."

Mr Chamisa also said his party members were clouded by the love of money in their decision-making hence engaging in corrupt and selfish activities to line their pockets.

"We are embarking on a new candidate selection process that will give more power to the branches as opposed to more power to the adjudicating authority in the national election directorate, that is the chairman. And we are also changing the signing and the authenticating authorising measures in the party because that is what caused problems.  

"People get money and then they sign for two candidates because money has a way of clouding judgment, so we have to deal with that. We need to deal with that and we are already doing that," he said.

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