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Man drowns crossing Limpopo river into Zimbabwe

by Mandla Ndlovu
15 Feb 2020 at 15:19hrs | Views
The Zimbabwe Republic Police in Beitbridge  have reported that they are investigating a case where a man was swept away while trying to cross the flooded Limpopo River from South Africa to Zimbabwe.

According to the police report, the unnamed man was swept away by the raging water in the presence of his friends who failed to rescue him.

"Searches conducted so far have been fruitless. We urge the public not to attempt to cross flooded rivers to safeguard life." ZRP said in a statement.

The case is one of the rarest cases as most Zimbabweans drown on their way to South Africa through the mighty Limpopo river.

A few years ago rangers in the Kruger National Park told the media how they witnessed the River sweeping away Zimbabweans trying to cross into the neighboring country.

The rangers were patrolling the border between the two countries last week when they saw the group attempting to make it to South Africa.

Most of them probably drowned after they were swept away.

Those who managed to cross were arrested and taken to a police station at the border.

A ranger told Daily told the media, "We saw a group of Zimbabweans being swept away by a flash flood. Two weeks ago another group died in the same river."

In an unrelated incident, a 3-year-old boy drowned in an unprotected well in Southlea Park, Harare.  Police have urged members of the public to monitor their children closely to protect them from such mishaps.

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