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Chamisa drops a bombshell

by Staff reporter
19 Feb 2020 at 20:17hrs | Views
Opposition leader, Nelson Chamisa, dropped a bombshell in today's press conference held at the party headquarters as he declared that only he matters and others in the party structures are insignificant, the Harare Post can reveal.

Addressing the media, Chamisa made a bold declaration that elections were platforms for drama.

"You can't go to Mwenezi and say vote for us, because a simple councillor cannot change lives. What will change lives is Government," he said.

As if his bragging was not enough, Chamisa further incited the youths in his party to unleash an orgy of violence against a constitutionally elected Government, as he declared he was too senior to be involved in the demos.

"I cannot afford to behave like a youth activist, because I am the leader of the MDC. I have lieutenants who are supposed to do what people expect me to do. You want me to set fires; when the nation burns, who is going to extinguish it?" uttered Chamisa.

The statement by Chamisa did not go down well with some party hardliners who expressed their disgust over the statements.

One social media supporter MaDube, tweeted, "He should stick to written speeches."

Another one, Mamoyo T, tweeted, "Very wrong answer it comes across as it's only me that matters."

Chamisa has recently been viewed as having a weak approach to issues by some in the MDC leadership such as MDC deputy national chairperson Job Sikhala and co-vice president Tendai Biti, who are known for their feisty approach to political issues.  His press statement has been criticised by many as a failed attempt at trying to reassert his authority.

Source - hararepost