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Mnangagwa urged to retire lazy and corrupt leaders

by Staff reporter
25 Feb 2020 at 06:26hrs | Views
Under-performing and corrupt leaders have been urged to voluntarily step down and pave way for young and energetic leadership to save their faces from imminent expulsion.

The youths hope to engage His Excellency President Mnangagwa to retire lazy and tainted leaders as they were derailing his vision of reviving the nation.

Speaking during the launch of EDMyPresident Makonde Sports Tournament at Alaska Stadium over the weekend, guest speaker, Deputy Minister of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation Tinomuda Machakaire warned party leaders and Government officials who were failing the President by engaging in corrupt activities and or poorly conducting their duties.

"The President (Mnangagwa) gave us the mandate to work and deliver to the people for the betterment of the nation. We are aware of other leaders who are failing to deliver because they are lazy," he said.

"A number of leaders are only chair holders who are failing to complement the President's efforts in reviving the economy of the nation.

"We have very energetic youths who can lead, please Central Committee members, help in delivering this message to the President so that he can retire those that are failing to keep up with the speed of our leader's economic revival train.

"Help to create space for the youth who have better leadership skills and rest the weak and corrupt leaders," Deputy Minister Machakaire said.

He said most youths were failing to access leadership roles because some incompetent leaders were affixed to positions they were failing to stir.

"The President should be made aware that around the leadership circles, some were only concerned about enriching themselves at the expense of the nation and the mandate bestowed on them by him.

''It is high time that His Excellency retires lazy and corrupt leaders so that the youth and nation at large benefit."

He also urged legislatures to empower youth in their constituencies through various initiatives to reduce cases of thuggery, robbery, high HIV/AIDS prevalence rates amongst other issues.

Zanu-PF acting deputy secretary, Tendai Chirau, applauded the local legislature and Deputy Minister of Women's Affairs, Hon Jenippher Mhlanga for sponsoring and bankrolling the sports tournament as it will help in uniting and the mobilisation of 5 million voters targeted by the party for the 2023 election. He said youths to take up all government initiatives aimed at empowering them and encouraged them get financial assistance from the youth's Empowerment bank.

Three constituencies in Makonde district participated in the tournament which was entirely dominated by Chinhoyi constituency in soccer, netball and volleyball disciplines and seconded by Mhangura whilst Makonde constituency came third.

Various national and provincial party officials together with officials from the ministry of youth attended the launch.

Source - the herald