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Jonathan Moyo speaks on his alleged gay affair with Alum Mpofu

by Mandla Ndlovu
26 Feb 2020 at 08:31hrs | Views
Professor Jonathan Moyo has for the first time opened up on the long standing allegations that he is a homosexual oriented person who was caught in a gay storm with one ZBC employee Alum Mpofu.

In a wide ranging interview with Spotlight Zimbabwe Moyo said the allegations were created by President Emmerson Mnangagwa in 2004 after there was fallout between him and the Mnangagwa camp on the choice of a ZBC CEO.

Said Moyo: In 2004 Mnangagwa got his Mberengwa clan to invent a sexual orientation for me to falsely claim that I am gay. They did this by using Munyaradzi Hwengwere, who was then George Charamba's deputy in the information ministry to introduce to the ministry Alum Mpofu, a Mnangagwa protégé, as a prospective ZBC CEO. Hwengwere explained to us that Alum Mpofu had worked in the middle management ranks of SABC and that he was a strong Zanu PF cadre close to Mnangagwa. At the time, Hwengwere – a former student of mine – had my ear, not least because he was a hard working and competent public servant. Alum Mpofu was well spoken. My inclination, and that of Gideon Gono who was then ZBC board chairman, had been to hire Anan Maruta but Hwengwere and company prevailed with their choice of Alum Mpofu and got the ministry to hire him.

Moyo added that after Mpofu was hired, the Ministry of Information started hearing stories alleging that he was engaging in gay affairs with men at ZBC. When Mpofu was caught red handed in a gay storm at a strip club in Harare, Moyo says Mnangagwa's camp planted a story that Mpofu was in a gay relation with him.

Read the last part of his statement below:

In the early days of his assignment at ZBC, Mpofu was impressive in terms of his planning and vision-articulation. But in no time, the ministry started hearing stories of Alum Mpofu and boys at Pockets Hill. The stories were of nauseating promiscuity. Then the ministry was hit by the scandal that broke the camel's back when the press ran headline stories about Alum Mpofu caught in a compromising gay storm at Tipperary Club in Harare, owned by Pearson Mbalekwa, another Mnangagwa protégé. After that incident, ridiculous stories started flying around in Mnangagwa's circles that Alum Mpofu and Jonathan Moyo were having a gay relationship. It was rank madness. A sexual orientation had been invented for me and the rest became history. It's notable even to this day that it's Mnangagwa's people who rant and rave about the sexual orientation they invented for me in 2004. Apart from my objection to their ridiculous invention, I strongly object to their weaponising a sexual orientation, which sexual orientation is a human right, as an insult and a term of demonisation for their political purposes. But that is Mnangagwa for you.

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