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'Mnangagwa wanted to remove Mugabe using witchcraft'

by Mandla Ndlovu
26 Feb 2020 at 14:05hrs | Views
President Emmerson Mnangagwa wanted to use witchcraft, the dreaded Central Intelligence organization and the army to unseat President Robert Mugabe since the early formation of the Zimbabwe nation-state.

Professor Jonathan revealed this when he was doing an analysis of the message that was popularized by former First Lady Grace Mugabe during the 2017 Youth interface rallies.

Said Moyo, "The narrative popularised by Grace Mugabe about Mnangagwa's coup mentality that predates 18 April 1980 is not hers or her origination and creation. It's a narrative that President Mugabe himself used to tell on many occasions, including after the November 2017 coup.

"What emerges from the narrative is that Mnangagwa fancied himself coming into power through some combined use of witchcraft, pseudo-operations engineered by CIO elements from his clan and a military operation of one sort or another masterminded by his tribal generals supported by former Rhodesian CIOs or apartheid operatives he worked within the 1980s to create super Zapu dissidents who were run by the CIO to justify atrocities in Matabeleland."

Professor Moyo is on record saying President  Mnangagwa is a dealer in dealer in dark arts and his relationship with spiritism is well known.

Moyo added that since assuming power through the November 2017 bloody coup, Mnangagwa has been practicing politics of exclusion that has seen him being unpopular.

"Mnangagwa's balkanised and tribalized interests have defined his politics of exclusion, which are now epitomised by crude cartels fronted by conspicuously corrupt individuals like Kuda Tagwerei. It is not surprising that when Mnangagwa finally got his coup wish in November 2017, that did not come with broad-based support in the military or Zanu PF, let alone in the country."

Source - Byo24News