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Mnangagwa asked to stop silly jokes

by Stephen Jakes
15 Mar 2020 at 08:36hrs | Views
The ZimFirst leader Maxwell Shumba has warned President Emmerson Mnangagwa to stop silly jokes when the nation is in deep crisis which needs his serious attention.

"What is clear, President Mnangagwa might be trying his best as President. Evidence is there. He likes to joke like everybody else . We get it. The problem is; he DOES NOT GET IT. The country is in deep trouble and it is not time for silly jokes at opening mortuaries or telling people to resort to eating potatoes and veggies as jest," Shumba said through his Facebook post.

"The reality is heart wrenching. Those who have had access to ZANU PF largess are living in mansions and have come lives whilst 99%  of the nation's citizens are living in abject poverty . This is no time for jokes Mr Mnangangwa. No no no. Mr President solve the economic problems and people will laugh you when you make these silly jokes."

Shumba said joking whilst the nation burns brings people to wonder whether one is sane or not.

"The country is in crisis Sir.  Go out to Epworth, Magwegwe etc and see for yourself how the people are living under your leadership Mr. President.
WHAT IS CLEAR IS ZIMBABWE IS READY TO MOVE ON away from these painful and excruciating failures," Shumba said.

Source - Byo24News