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Woman who tested positive for Covid-19 in UK from Zim 'infected many along the way'?

by Stephen Jakes
23 Mar 2020 at 07:33hrs | Views
Former Higher, Tertiary, Science and Technology deputy minister Godfrey Gandawa has expressed fears that the woman who had been cleared #COVID19 negative in Zimbabwe but later tested positive after she arrived in the UK may have infected many others who met her.

Gandawa through his Facebook post also said a German citizen tested positive in Namibia having just travelled from Zimbabwe and both may have infected those they were in contact with in Zimbabwe.

"Our limited testing capabilities mean we've been unable to roll out an aggressive testing campaign as in South Korea where 15,000 can be tested daily. The virus might already be here, only undetected. We must take drastic action even at the risk of arousing public panic," Gandawa said.

"Waiting on govt would be irresponsible. The people must lead and take urgent steps to limit transmission. A friend's 75-year-old father had four teeth removed over the weekend, he hasn't visited for fear of infecting him. We need a similar consciousness."

"Given our creaking health system, we need to go above and beyond in taking precautionary measures, primarily through aggressive social distancing and good hygiene. Schools that can close immediately should do so, those who can work from home must do the same. #DontDelay."

Source - Byo24News