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Hwange Colliery workers forced to use same breathalyzer

by Mandla Ndlovu
25 Mar 2020 at 14:32hrs | Views
Hwange Colliery Company Limited has chided its employees over their calls to have breathalyzer testing stopped over fears of contracting the novel Coronavirus.

Workers at the mine are said to have been refusing to take the tests as they claimed it could spread the virus.

However, in a strongly worded letter seen by Zimbabwe Breaking News, the Acting Managing Director of Hwange Colliery Company, Dr Zinyemba Charles said every employee is mandated to take the breathalyzer test before entering "It has come to the attention of this office that some of us are trying to take advantage of the tragedy of COVID-19 outbreak on other continents and some African countries to have breathalyzer testing stopped.

"Breathalyser tests are meant to ensure the safety of everyone in our mining environment where we use dangerous machinery and other equipment. The tests are there to ensure all in the working environment are completely sober and do not pose a danger to others or themselves," wrote Dr Zinyemba.

On the health concerns raised by the employers, Dr Zinyemba said the testing gadgets are cleaned to disinfect them after each test. This makes them for each test.

Dr Zinyemba added; "It is a rule in this company that employees take breathalyzer tests before entering work areas, particularly where the environment is hazardous.

He further went on to issue a stern warning to the employers that should there be employers who feel they cannot abide by this regulation, they should seek employment elsewhere.

Source - Byo24News