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Government blasted for disbanding GMAZ price monitoring program

by Mandla Ndlovu
30 Mar 2020 at 17:13hrs | Views
A certain section of Zimbabweans has lamented the decision by the government to disband the industry self-regulation and price monitoring program that was setup by the Grain Millers Association of Zimbabwe.

Grain Millers instituted a price monitoring and self-regulation mechanism which was meant to monitor the price and availability of mealie meal, bread, and other products. The government disbanded the program and prices have never been stable ever since.

Zimbabweans across the country who spoke to this reporter complained over unjustified price hikes and the lack of an industry self-monitoring program.

Nicholas Ncube the secretary General of Bulawayo Business Network said "Government has a wrong tendency and mentality of trying to be superman. The government thinks it can do everything by itself and that is wrong.

"What should be encouraged at the moment is a GMAZ sort of price monitoring and industry self-regulation mechanism. The industry can police itself, and the government has to agree to the self-policing framework as presented by industry. The government wants to have its hands in every pie and try to meddle in everything, everywhere and that creates unnecessary bottlenecks."

Zimbabwe Christian Leaders in South Africa President Kelvin Mazhandu said the government must allow industry to regulate itself.

"The recent sky rocketing of prices is not a desirable situation in our country," Mazhandu said. "It must serve as a sign to government that industry must be allowed to regulate and firms must engage in a peer monitoring process. It is at such times that we wonder what the Competition Commission is doing when the people are suffering. As religious leaders our role is to preach social justice and give direction to political leaders."

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce in conjunction with the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe has announced that it will constitute a taskforce to monitor the price movements and availability of essential goods in addition to other consumer protection mechanisms during this lockdown period.

The task force comes after the government initiated a lockdown and announced a list of service providers who will be allowed to operate during the lockdown which is meant to curb spreading COVID-19.

Source - Byo24News