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What people are doing to pass lockdown time

by Staff reporter
01 Apr 2020 at 07:32hrs | Views
BULAWAYO residents are using the 21-day total lockdown declared by the Government to combat the spread of Covid-19 to engage in yesteryear activities and revive hidden talents to kill time.

The shutdown commenced on Monday and citizens are required to stay at home for its duration.

Covid-19 has claimed one life in the country and over 39 000 globally. Popular microblogging site, Twitter, was for the past few days awash with Zimbabweans sharing lockdown activity ideas for themselves and for their children.

The videos focused on how to be entertained without spending too much time glued to television screens. Some comic videos posted online show adults playing kids' games like driving bricks around pretending they are cars, hide and seek, skipping rope games and board games like Snakes and Ladders.

A number of residents said they would take the time to regain lost fitness through indoor aerobics and Zumba dancing. Others who said it has been years since they last opened a book, said they would resuscitate their reading culture and learn new trends in their professions.

Some housewives said they were thrilled they would finally spend uninterrupted time with their spouses who were often too busy with work.

Some "hustlers" who claimed to live by the maxim of "another day another dollar" said they were gutted by the lockdown as it prevented them from being on the streets to make a living. A hairdresser from a local salon said she would use her time to sew wigs from used weaves. She said she would use the time to pursue a passion with needle and thread that she had neglected over the years to fashion wigs.

"I have many used weaves that I will use to sew wigs that I will be advertising on my WhatsApp status so that as soon as the lockdown period is over, I have customers waiting and a ready product that I can sell first and get to use the money," said Thembi Moyo from Sheers Hair Salon.

Ms Thelma Dube from Thorngrove suburb said she was planning to revive her reading hobby.

"I have downloaded a lot of eBooks and since I won't have much money to buy data to stay online all the time, I have these books that I think will keep me occupied for a number of hours each day. I have always been a bookworm, although I prefer hardcopy novels, the e-copies will keep me going. I downloaded across a number of genres, including Mills and Boon Roman, Sandy Lynn millionaire Series and the thrilling Sydney Sheldon books," she said.

Mrs Sharleen Jonathan from Woodlands would use the lockdown period to "sort out her fitness regime".

"I have allowed myself to just go with the flow and ignore the flaws. I am taking this time to reclaim my old body back. I do not have much in terms of excuses so I will just use this time to watch Zumba aerobics videos daily, eat healthy all the time and limit quantities. I have made sure that there is no junk food in my house and my children are at my husband's mum's house. I'm hoping to achieve my fitness goals because it's now or never, there may not be another lockdown in my lifetime," she said.

Some Bulawayo residents said they had no idea how they would use the time. "It's going to be a really tough 21 days for me. I never spend time at home. I'm a busy man. I'm a hustler and as you can see me standing outside my yard now, I'm feeling so frustrated and it's just day two. I can't even drink alone at home, because beer is nicer when you are with friends, now visiting a friend is a crime and people are posting statuses that they do not want visitors at their houses" said Mr Vimi Nyamazana.

Some of the residents said they will use the lockdown period for spring cleaning as their homes needed thorough cleaning. They could not attend to the chore due to the hectic schedule imposed by work obligations. Mr Kennedy Mapako shared how he would use the time to show his wife how special she was to him, without distractions from work, friends and sport.

"I want to teach my family how to play chess as it is the only board game that we have in the house. I have not talked to my wife about it yet, but I'm thinking this is a good time for her to go off the pill and we try for our third child," said.

Some youths who spoke to the Chronicle said they would binge on movies and series on their laptops.

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