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Family feuds over tombstones

by Staff reporter
04 Apr 2020 at 08:53hrs | Views
A family feud has spilled into the courts following the alleged mistreatment of tenants, The Weekender reports.House Number 39 Tenderere is at the centre of the dispute between Patience Jimu and her elder sister's daughters — Grace and Lorraine Mudhara — whom she is accusing of disturbing the tenants' peace.

Jimu has since dragged her nieces to court.

However, Grace claimed that she and her sister are only demanding space at the family property to erect their late grandparents' tombstones.

"Your Worship, they (Jimu and her siblings) have failed to erect tombstones on their late parents' graves. It has been years since our grandparents passed away. They were our grandparents and they looked after us as we grew up. We have therefore decided to erect the tombstones," said Grace.

She told the court that when they asked the tenants to move out so as to pave way for the construction of the tombstones, this did not go down well with their aunt Jimu.

"Aunt Patience wants to fix our mother through us Your Worship, but that will not happen. We will not sit back and watch while the family fails to honour our late grandparents," fumed Grace.

Grace and her sister vehemently denied ever disturbing the tenants' peace, prompting the court to call one of the tenants, Josephine Muringa, to testify.

In her testimony, Muringa told the court that the pair had been a nuisance during her stay at House Number 39, Tenderere.

She accused them of threatening and insulting her despite the fact that she always paid her rentals on time.

"Your Worship, they came and tried to evict me on December 1, 2019. In fact, they ended up locking me outside the house and because of these two women, I spent two nights sleeping in the open with my family.

"They went on to threaten me with death if I continued staying at the house," said a visibly angry Muringa.

Grace, however, stuck to her guns, insisting that she and her sister have never been on talking terms with the tenant.

The court granted the protection order in Jimu's favour and ordered Grace and Lorraine to keep peace with their aunt. They were also instructed not to disturb the tenants' peace.

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