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Farm management orders workers to evict families from residence due to Covid-19

by Stephen Jakes
08 Apr 2020 at 08:31hrs | Views
Kefalos Farm management in Seke is reported to have forced its employees to send away their family members from the farm residence in order to reduce the population around the compounds and prevent Covid 19 spread.

This is revealed in the latest Zimbabwe Peace project report.

"ZPP recorded a number of violations regarding COVID-19 infection mitigation responses, including a 24-hour ultimatum by management at Kefalos Farm in Seke for workers to evict extended family from the households as a way of preventing Corona virus," ZPP reported.

"This infringes on cultural rights as Zimbabweans value extended family. In some reports received by ZPP, some members of Zanu PF moved around communities taking down names and promising them that Zanu PF supporters would get food aid during the Lockdown."

The human rights watchdog said this worrying development was followed by an announcement by the Finance minister that government had set aside funds to assist vulnerable families, raising fears that once again the funds will be distributed on partisan basis.

"On 23 March, the management at Kefalos Company in Seke Ward 10 treated their employees' families in an inhuman and degrading manner. It was reported that employees who reside in the company compound with children other than their own were instructed to remove them from the compound immediately," the report reads in part.

"This left many children vulnerable and without any guardians considering that government has no social safety nets for children. The eviction was also against the local culture and social structure, which fosters an extended family system."

Source - Byo24News