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Mnangagwa's 'fake' law degree exposed?

by Mandla Ndlovu
11 Apr 2020 at 18:48hrs | Views
President Emmerson Mnangagwa's reputation as a respected law graduate had its holes poked by social media users who questioned the year in which he attained the qualification.

The social media probe into Mnangagwa's problematic academic journey was ignited by one Ali Naka who said, "Mnangagwa was deported in 1975 to Zambia where he studied law at the university of Zambia and attempted to lie that the law program was only introduced in 1977 yet the University confirms it was introduced in 1967."

This prompted ZANU PF to respond saying, "There is disinformation and there is misinformation. Then there is a 3rd class called utter nonsense from the likes of Ali Naka.Program of legal education at the Univ of Zambia commenced at the beginning of the 2nd academic session in March 1967 with a class of 37 students.

Ali Naka conceded that the year 1967 and 1977 were immaterial but what mattered was that the years were not tallying.

According to Mnangagwa's official biography published in 2017 by the state-owned Sunday News he was deported to Zambia in 1975 after serving 10 years in prison. It is said that he then enrolled at the University of Zambia, where he studied a  law degree and completed his articling with a Lusaka-based law firm led by Enoch Dumbutshena, who would later become Zimbabwe's first black judge.

A Wikipedia biography conflicted with the above biography and said when Mnangagwa was in prison, he befriended Mugabe and together, they studied law via correspondence courses.It is said Mnangagwa initially wanted to pursue a Bachelor of Science in economics but instead decided to study law. In 1972, he took his final examinations for a Bachelor of Laws through the University of London International Programmes.

Twitter users questioned which institution awarded Mnangagwa alleged degree and asked him to name those whom he was with in class.

Ali Naka asked ZANU PF to explain how he arrived in Zambia in 1975, enrolled at a university and studied a 4 years law degree and worked for two years at Dumbutshena's law firm after graduating yet his biography says he left Zambia and joined ZANU PF in Mozambique between the years 1977-1988.

This is not the first time that Mnangagwa's murky history has been publicly challenged.

Last year he came under the spotlight when one of the survivors of the crocodile gang did not mention Mnangagwa when giving names of the people who were part of he crocodile gang.

Source - Byo24News