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Zimbabwe has a good for nothing parliament: ZimFirst

by Stephen Jakes
15 Apr 2020 at 07:26hrs | Views
The ZimFirst leader Maxwell Shumba has described the parliament of Zimbabwe as a good for nothing institution.

He said when the Government, for good reasons, announced the social distancing and lockdown directives, the people dutifully went into lockdown in compliance with the directive.

"Sadly, perhaps because of a lack of sense of duty, lack of critical thought or understanding their role, Zimbabwe's MP's too drove their expensive cars into lockdown totally oblivious to the fact that this is the critical time they should be stepping up to serve. Why did they get elected?" he said.

"Do they know? Maybe they don't know. After this massive abdication of duty we need to remind the MP's that they were elected to serve the people at all time: in times of peace and in times of crisis and even in times of war. The people across the country are crying out from their constituencies because they bear the blunt of the lockdown, ranging from shortage of food, income generating opportunities caused by the shut down and worse knowing that their MP is there with them in the constituency enjoying the perks of being their MP."

He said talk of salt on a wound, the people need their leaders to step up.

"Opposition in parliament is quick to blame the government in times of crisis like this but they forget that both ZANU and MDC Alliance are the government . The Executive has acted in one way and what the legislature done? Nothing. Zilch!" Shumba said.

"The MPs need to wear masks and go back to parliament or use available  e-communication technologies to convene that damn parliament and enact an Emergency Relief Bill to support the citizens so they mitigate the challenges that have come with the shutdown."

Shumba said  MPs work for the people so they should go back to parliament and work.

"I say this again, at the moment the people are as good as having no MPs at all. All they have are parasites who campaign during elections so that they can get a seat that can enable them to enjoy the perks that comes with being part of the gravy train. A good for nothing parliament is what the people of Zimbabwe have. Totally uses o my good at making loud noises when it suits them. I am flabbergasted," he said.
"Here in the USA,  upon announcing shutdown rules, the US Senate and US Congress went into overdrive to legislate the enactment of emergency relief bills and as I write checks with US$1200 are making their way into citizens' pocket to help cope with loss of income caused by the shutdown. And all ye Zimbabwe parliamentarians, where are you?"

Shumba said the people need leadership.

"I am not saying give Zimbabweans US$1200 but do something. From our meager national financial resources, give the people something so they can cope during the shutdown. For example, we even hear that the WHO donated money was looted. Where are you to exercise oversight or sound the alarm?
Come 2023, Zimbabweans have to chose their leaders carefully to avoid sending back to Parliament these good for nothing MPs.," he said.

Source - Byo24News