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Jonathan Moyo reveals the weakness of MDC leaders

by Mandla Ndlovu
15 Apr 2020 at 11:26hrs | Views
Professor Jonathan says the major undoing of opposition politicians in Zimbabwe is that they make speeches that are not followed by actions.

In a tweet on Wednesday Moyo said, "A major weakness of opposition politicians in Zim is their failure to understand that speech is useful only if it leads to action. They just say things. Yet speech not followed by action is utterly useless. A trenchant book on speech & action is Hannah Arendt's, Human Condition!"

Moyo is not the first person to blame politicians for talking and not implementing their words. In his inaugural address, American  President Donald Trump said  his nation "will no longer accept politicians who are all talk and no action," adding that now is "the hour of action."

"We will no longer accept politicians who are all talking and no action, constantly complaining but never doing anything about it. The time for empty talk is over. Now arrives the hour of action," Trump said.

Commenting on Moyo's words constitutional lawyer and  political analyst Shephard Dube the people of Zimbabwe were tired of being sold nice words without action.

"I entirely agree with Prof that politicians need to back their words with action," Dube said. "In this era that we are in, we cannot rely on nicely packaged words that are there to excite the people and yet they remain in their squalid conditions.  This period calls for men of action who are ready to lead from the front."

Source - Byo24News