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Govt unable to bail out distressed citizens during lockdown

by Stephen Jakes
19 Apr 2020 at 13:14hrs | Views
Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions Secretary general Japhet Moyo has said currently the government is not able to bail the distressed citizens affected by the lockdown and expectations are high as to what it will do since the 21 days of lockdown come to an end today.

"Everyone was expecting the president to say something about the lockdown but alas nothing at the moment probably later.  The lockdown would be over tomorrow night if there is no extension or any announcement.  The nation of course is divided on the way forward with some in complete denial that there is a virus or pandemic while others believe it is real and kills," he said.

"Business are looking at some form of relaxation so that they can trade. Some hungry citizens want the lockdown lifted for different reasons from those of business."

Moyo said the right decision would be to get expert advice from UN agencies and doctors instead of listening to "popular views" from either business or hungry citizens. 

"Given the option I will go for the extension for reasons that we don't know at the moment who is a carrier of the virus. And some form of relaxation to what extent and would we be in control of the new guidelines or we would just slide to business as usual mode before the lockdown?" he said. 

Currently government is unable to bail out both distressed businesses and hungry citizens. Assuming the lockdown is lifted and we have a spike in cases that require hospitalization, would the government provide the facilities with ventilators and adequate PPE? Would employers provide everyone with  PPE and what about those in self employment?  Do we have laws that require everyone to have PPE in public? Where are the facilities that those ill at the moment should go?  Do we turn our homes into hospitals etc"

Source - Byo24News