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Jonathan Moyo reveals why he joined ZANU PF

by Mandla Ndlovu
20 Apr 2020 at 11:24hrs | Views
Professor Jonathan Moyo said he joined ZANU PF because his father's political party ZAPU had been led by the late Father Zimbabwe  Joshua Nkomo to unite with ZANU PF.

Moyo made the remarks while responding to a Twitter user who accused him of betraying his late father who was killed during the Gukurahundi genocide.

Said Moyo, "Sorry I did not jump onto your bed. I went onto the bed left by Joshua Nkomo, long after my father was no more and used that bed of thorns to uplift Tsholotsho, where my father was a councilor and did some key things for the community there which my father would have wanted done!

"I served from July 2000 to Feb 2005; and from Oct 2013 to Nov 2017. I'm happy to account for my service. Mnangagwa has been there since 1980. Two major things I proudly did was to uplift Tsholotsho and get LSU built. Others served from 2009 to 2013. Let the chips lie where they fall!"

Turning to the land reform programme, Moyo said he was happy that he participated in popularizing the programme.  

Added Moyo, "I'm proud to have led the Initiative to mobilize & popularize support for the historic land reform programme through a media outreach that eschewed & replaced the jambanja approach that some had preferred & used. Our Initiative birthed the 75% local content media-policy!

"I stand by this with no apology whatsoever. I realise some disagree vehemently. I respect their right to disagree but I strongly disagree with them too; not only as my right but also because I know that the majority of Zimbabweans supported & support the land reform programme!"

Source - Byo24News