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Walter Mzembi rallies Zimbabweans against Mnangagwa

by Mandla Ndlovu
20 Apr 2020 at 14:18hrs | Views
Exiled former Minister of Tourism Walter Mzembi has urged Zimbabweans to be courageous and demand the resignation of President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his ZANU PF officials.

Mzembi made the remarks in his independence day speech to the people of Zimbabwe.

"Forty years after Independence, a sure journey in the wilderness,we should be bold enough to ask those failing to govern us to step down and allow a fresh start." Mzembi said. "They too should be mature and patriotic enough to accept failure and do the honourable thing , resign enmasse and give Zimbabweans a reset and a new beginning, otherwise Canaan remains a mirage.

"I re-enforce on behalf of the people, that Zimbabwe cannot bear the burden of waiting until 2023 for the inevitable, another disputed election. The people want change NOW!"

The former Minister further drew a charge sheet of the crimes that the government of ZANU PF has allegedly committed.

Cognisant of the above I outline below the people's grievances which if unresolved will galvanise our nation into rolling mass action sure to shake the establishment well before 2023. Our people are deeply saddened and appalled by:

♦ Failure by the President and his government to UNITE the country. Forty years on, Zimbabwe is more polarised than ever before. Governing without the people's legitimate consent translates to raping the peoples will. Elections have become a mere routine characterised by patronage and command voting. The governing political actors use state institutions to deny the people their choice of leaders. The conflation of party and State makes it impossible for political parties to compete fairly for the people's mandate. The use of the police and the military to create an environment of fear, weaponising food and poverty to impose unpopular leaders on the people has created disharmony in the nation.

♦ A growing sense and culture of entitlement by a liberation class turned rogue. No one eats, works, acquires land or mineral rights, business leases or votes ahead of this class which has started preparing its children and grandchildren to succeed it. The liberators have become the new oppressors, the question in the people's minds is ‘who will liberate us from the liberators?'

♦ The morphing of Zimbabwe into a military state and shredding of our Constitution. Post independence politics has always led the gun, the November 2017 coup turned this model on its head and entrenched a military dictatorship over civilian life and functionalities.

♦ Widening and Unequal Development and Access to our Natural Resources including land, water, mineral rights, and empowerment opportunity.

♦ Deliberate Disenfranchisement of the Diaspora and other voting groups in the country.
As the People's Party President, I propose a reset of our situation embodied by the three (3) Rs: Reconciliation, Redemption & Renewal.

♦ Reconciliation, because our Nation is deeply divided and cannot stand.

♦ Reconciliation prompts the President to lead the unification process himself taking responsibility attendant to anyone who claims to have "won "an election, exercising magnanimity and humility in victory. It will take statesmanship to engage all, but most particularly aggrieved citizens without feeling any sense of loss of power and bravado. The quickest and most practical way to reconciliation is to submit to the Reform Agenda as agreed in 2013 , principally a return of Zimbabwe to constitutionalism and enforcing clear separation of powers , reforming and strengthening of state institutions , and of course the contentious issue of security sector reforms. National healing should lead to an authentic Truth and Reconciliation Commission framework of justice for the victim, forgiveness, and national contrition.
The love deficit in our country is huge and hate speech particularly state driven hate speech on social media and state media should be outlawed. Citizens follow the behaviour of their leaders.

♦ Redemption going by another name, Restoration, emphasises the restoration of civil liberties, human rights, property rights. Redemption, because we must create strong institutions not strong men. We must restore Zimbabwe to a productive state, to the bread basket of the region with our agriculture driving manufacturing in an import substitution economy. We must restore orderly mining, with mineral products value added locally. Brand restoration involving work in many sectorial pillars, Governance, Investment and Immigration, Exports, Arts Culture and Heritage, Tourism and People is supercritical.

♦ Renewal signposts a new economy with new values, and new ethos. Up until Black Friday November 14, 1997, we were riding on a Rhodesian import substitution economy. This day triggered our immersion into a commandist reactionary policy response to crises whose madness has seen us process in excess of 300 Statutory Instruments in less than two years in what has become the hallmark of this administration – rule by decree. Most of our economic malaise arise out of largely the implementation of these ad- hoc Statutory Instruments.

Source - Byo24News