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Zimbabweans must decide on action against the Chinese tormentors

by Stephen Jakes
23 Apr 2020 at 09:49hrs | Views
Zimbabweans have been challenged to decide on action against the Chinese tormentors who are reportedly abusing the local mine workers.

Farai Muguwo said the level of racist abuse of our citizens by Chinese criminals roaming the country cannot go unchallenged.

"Chinese nationals decide to come to Zim for business, majority of them unregistered. They pay politicians facilitation fees so they operate in this country illegally, engage in poaching and illicit financial flows," he said.

Their illicit businesses were well captured in the 2013 Chindori Chininga Parliamentary Portforlio Report on Chrome Mining

"The Committee was informed that Chinese companies had an attitude of being untouchable and could operate above the law. The Chinese created the impression within the community and in some government institutions that they were protected by someone in a very 'high' office in government," said the Chininga report.

Muguwo said the Chinese are extreme racist who feel disgusted at the sight of Zimbabweans. Unfortunately government won't act on Chinese criminals because of corruption.

"Consequently the levels of abuse of our citizens has reached a level where we can't just stand by. Last year even a Traditional Chief was assaulted by the Chinese in Norton. In Marange a worker was struck on the forehead with a hammer by a Chinese employer. Instead of punishing the racist, Mugabe protected him by way of sending him back to China where he never served any sentence," he said.

"Now they set dogs on workers demanding payment of their wages. Soon and very soon they will be shooting us. If government does not act then citizens must. This is a new form of colonialism and we need a collective action as citizens - we must resist, of course non violently, but action must be taken. The Chinese  relate with politicians to gain access to our resources but they treat Zimbabweans like slaves. If they don't like seeing Zimbabweans they MUST not come to Zimbabwe. Its that simple."

He said in China Africans are being forced out of homes and apartments illegally and not allowed in shops.

"If they are friends why not treat Africans in a friendly manner. Chinese operations are NOT benefiting our economy at all. They evade tax and other statutory obligations. Their labour malpractices are the worst form of modern day slavery. This will not continue to happen under our watch, otherwise my great grand Father Kurwaisimba (May his soul continue to rest in peace) will turn in his grave at Mabvanda," he said through his Facebook wall post.

"For now we need a national database of Chinese operations in Zimbabwe. If you know any place where Chinese are operating please send information to this whatsapp number +263715387417."

Source - Byo24News